Spa area Hotel Seehof

Architect: Irion Architekten AG, Winterthur
Product: VarioLED™ Flex HYDRA HD6, VarioLED™ Flex ZEUS2
LED Linear Partner: LIGHT ON, Ebmatingen
Customer: Hotel Seehof, Davos
Location: Davos, Switzerland
Photos: Daniel Kessler, Zürich

For the extensive yet windowless rooms of the newly designed spa area in the highly acclaimed 4 Star S Hotel in Davos, LIGHT ON designed especially atmospheric lighting elements: illuminated slides which extend to room height depict beautiful mountain landscapes and create a relaxed and close-to-nature atmosphere. The scenes are changed according to the season. The back-lighting with VarioLED™ Flex ZEUS2 means that the images have an intensive spatial effect. The slides are water resistant and are therefore suitable for outdoor use. The ceiling was set elegantly in scene with VarioLED ™ Flex HYDRA HD6.