Ultra thin Opal Diffused IP67 IP68 480led/m soft light LED Strip COB strip Light with waterproof Silicone gel coating

Item No.: BT-FCOBX480-24V-IP67
1. Chips-on-board design, dot free even without any profiles
2. Excellent lighting with SDCM in3-step.
3. High Efficiency that's up to 80Lm/W.
4. Extrusion silicone coating IP68 waterproof.
5. Flexible with 3M back tape, easy for installation.

What is the IP68 COB LED Strip Lights?


  • Ultra thin design, only 3.5mm thickness. 
  • NO MORE worries about dark spot!, No darkareas, It comes out uniform and soft light, and can be shaped arbitrarily.
  • High-density integrated chips, up to 480 chips per meter. The light-emitting angle is 120 degrees, and high-CRI Ra>90. 
  • High quality FPC(2oz) and 3M self-adhesive tape on the back. 
  • It can be dimmed, and you can use PWM technology to dim on the basis of a dimmer. 
  • Working Temp.-25C to 50℃. 
  • 3 year warranty.